Germany whale oil&P Co.,Ltd. is an integrated multinational energy companies,as large energy groups in Europe.Core business,including the development and refining of oil and natural gas development and sales,petroleum processing and fine chemical sales and other oil-related industries,the company's strong capital and advanced technology known reserves of oil sector,with more than 20 countries and regions has extensive businsee dealings.


German Pu whale products sold in the market,headquartered in Hamburg,more than 20 countries in dozens of factories and companies,of which dimestic production in Germany has more than a dozen manufacturers,which are located in Ludwigshafen Hong Kong,Stuttargart,Wurzburg and other cities in the Americas,Europe,Africa,Asia,many countries and regions to establish a branch,and the only high-quality technology and service system for the formation of a global business system.After careful and in the Chinese market after a long period of investigation,Germany whale oil&P Co.,Ltd.decided to re-launch of the new formula lubncants packing products.and in order to promote the company brand building in China at the same time allowing users to experrience the world in China grade lubricants new products brought about by experience.


At the same time,in order to adapt to the Chinese market to the company's brand and resource advantages to find partners in China,will be resources into productive as soon as possible the advantages of resources and excellent products to teh Chinese market.


By the and of November 2008,the company marketing the official China Center is located in Hong Kong,and the establishment of whale oil&P Hong Kong Limited,has overall responsibility for the promotion of S&P brand whales.


The Whale&P tapping into the massive Chinese market,is looking for partners in China together,it combines the University of Petroleum,China and many other quality RIPP valuable industry f resources,have obvious advantages.For customers,S&P to prepare a wide variety of whale program,according to different needs of each client to provide the appropriate services,a reasonable allocation and utilization of whale resources&P to provide clients with unique independent growth,making long-term S&P whales parteners.This is the history of lubricants subversive marketing innovation,S&P whales were consistently challenges its traditional posture of the brave,and grow together with customers;with an extraordinary record of the mind and wisdom and brilliance of a legend.