1916 aaron carteerz created in the German capital Berlin,Germany,whale oil&P Co.,Ltd.,the main business is importing and selling high-quality refined products,engine oil region to carry out business.


To begin production in 1933,in Hamburg the first outside the establishment of manufacturing enterprises.


The second enf of the war in 1945.Sales began to bottom out.


1948 in Munich,the reconstruction of the operations center,employed the most professional experts in the German chemical engineering TDRENBULCZ.


The development of sales in 1950.Whale&P will shift the supply of industrial oil,oil for the frist time sales of more than cars.1951 S&P whales in Germany sponsored Rally.Brand may be raised.S&P 1957 company and Germany whales truck diesel engine oil for the industry to develop oil HU200.1960 increased to 1,000 employees.The frist oil sales to the Middle East.1964 accelerated the export of industrial specialty products in many European countries to eatablish offices.1968 teeth in the Untited Kingdom and Egypt to establish a subsidiary,the company made the frist step in the development of globalization.1975 product lines to increase the degree of specialization.In Europe,a total of 105 R&D and quality control personnel.


1982,developed into a Group of companies,and the establishment of international standardization in the laboratory,the same year,all the whales & P business slowly focus on it's core business:lubricants.And in Western Europe,North America,such as the market was a great success.


1997,Cape Whale Europe's largest independent oil companies.Annual sales to 2.25 billion euros,with more than 6,000 employees.To achieve the professionalism and global expansion.Pu whales began gradually expanded product line to begin in accordance with partners to develop the special needs of special lubrecants.


2006 90th anniversary of the founding,the business througout the Americas,Europe,Africa,and so on more than 30 countries and regions,the frist time sales of more than three billion euros,while the establishment of whale & P Chemical Company.For the production of additives to lay a solid founfation.


In November 2008 in the Chinese market after careful and lengthy study,the German whale oil & P Co.,Ltd.decided to relaunch of the new formula lubricants packaging products,and marketing center in China to set up in Hong Kong in order to promote the company Brand Building in China.